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Giftmas shopping

Posted By Psyche On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 2:16 pm In News & Shiny,Occulture | No Comments

Shaved Head, Aleister Crowley, OTO Greeting Cards [1]Last year we looked at Mythos themed gifts in “Love that Lovecraft [2]“, this year we’ll see what we can find for that special occultist in your life.

Sure, there’s the usual candles, incense, special rocks and precious metal plates, but what about the unusual?


The first place to start is, of course, acquiring your own set of OTO Greeting Cards [3].

This set of six blank cards are suitable for any occasion, and are available from the New Zealand OTO [4] for NZ$20. Cards spotted on LAShTAL.com [5].


AC action figure

Hierax brought this to my attention: a portly, bow-tied Aleister Crowley action figure [6]. So cute.

Not sure where you can pick one up though. They don’t seem to be for sale anywhere. Perhaps eBay?

Baby Cthulhu

No, not the L’il Cthulhu [7] from the cartoon produced by TheZebu [8].

This Baby Cthulhu Figurine [9] from Emilyami [10] on Deviant Art [11] is adorable in its own right, complete with “binky and human skull rattle.”  Suggested by Michael Szul [12].

Voice-activated wand

ThinkGeek [13] has a rather unique offering: a Harry Potter voice-activated flashlight [14]. It comes in two wand shapes: Harry’s or Hermione’s wand.

You have the option of going with the traditional HP commands of Lumos! and Nox! to turn them on and off. Or, for the chaos magickians and/or other trend-buckers among you, the wands can programed with any voice-activated command you choose.

I totally want one.

Your suggestions?

The above are a few things I came across in my Giftmas, Solstice and Agnostica shopping this year, and those submitted by readers on Facebook and via e-mail.

What are you buying, making or summoning for your favourite occultists this year?

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