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What people are saying about – This is the blog of Nico, a.k.a. Psyche…the writing is good and the topics are interesting. Not just another magick/pagan blog, this one actually has something different to contribute to the discourse!

- John L. Crow, Treasure House of Pearls

I just visited and came away very impressed. Nice job on consistently solid content, Psyche, and I love the Persephone glyph in your blog’s artwork.

- Caelum Rainieri, on PaleoNova

Probably one of the best occult blogs I’ve come across recently is Psyche’s ahrfoundation…I find myself going back to ahrfoundation more and more on a regular basis, picking up good information off of the web site that otherwise would fall through the cracks…

ahrfoundation does a great job at keeping you up to speed on the latest occult news. rumors and podcast round-ups.

- Michael Szul, Key 64

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