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By | March 16, 2008 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | 4 Comments‘s been quiet the past week as I’ve been in preparation for our vernal equinox Feast; regular posting will resume soon.

For the past five or six years, every solstice and equinox we host a dinner party for our friends with an occult bent. As Easter falls on the closest weekend to the equinox this year, we decided to host it a week earlier.

I usually invite a decent but manageable number of people, but due to various commitments, we typically have between six to eight at the table. Last night we fed eleven, and, happily, it worked.

Two childhood friends showed up, and the three of us hadn’t been together since my wedding seven years ago – and I was, um, somewhat occupied that day. It was great to reminisce on old times and catch up on where we are now. It’s excellent to have everyone in the city again.

We also had quite a few new people, and despite initial concerns that no-one knew anyone other than myself, everyone got on well. Talk of growing up on a pioneer cemetery in the living room, astrology in the kitchen, old chaote ‘zines in my study – and those’re just the conversations I caught.

We had a cheese plate with double cream brie, havarti, a Mediterranean cheese ball, Boursin and cherry covered goat’s cheese with a variety of crackers; pita with white bean and roast red pepper dip, babaganouj, hot ajvar and tzatziki; root vegetable sticks (which at least one person initially mistook for potpourri – but ate it anyway); deviled eggs with gherkins and kalamata olives.

For dinner we served breaded chicken breast stuffed with Dubliner, a Greek-inspired quiche and a broccoli and cheese quiche, roasted walnuts with cabbage, rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes, and stuffed tomatoes. For dessert, egg custard pie and chocolate chip cookies (a must-have).

After every Feast, my husband puts on the Moody Blues’ “In Search of the Lost Chord” and falls asleep on the couch, while I finish tidying up before bed. Last night was no exception.

And, apologies Ges, I didn’t realize until after everyone had left that Drew forgot to bring out the banana bread you so thoughtfully made. When (if?) Drew wakes up we’ll share it with coffee – thanks again!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a mountain of dishes to clean.

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  1. Gesigewigus says:

    I didn’t realize until I was on the subway nearing Warden, so no worries, it just migrated from dinner gift to host gift.

    It was a good night, thanks for having me.

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