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New book on Creole sorcery from Scarlet Imprint

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Palo  Mayombe, by Nicholaj de Mattos FrisvoldPalo Mayombe: The Garden of Blood and Bones, by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is the latest title from Scarlet Imprint.

From the publisher’s description:

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold traces the roots of Palo Mayombe back to Kongolese sorcery, the warrior and leopard societies, and the impact of the Portugese Mission. The original African faith is carried in chains across the abysmal waters of Kalunga and it flowers in Cuba as a New World Creole religion and cult. Yet Palo Mayombe can only be truly understood in the light of a highly developed African cosmology. 

In drawing parallels with both the Ancient Greek practices of Necromancy and Nigromancy, and the Grimoire tradition, Nicholaj also illuminates the Western Tradition, showing what we have lost in our denial of the dead and the cult of the ancestors. The magical head of Palo Mayombe in it’s three legged iron cauldron has implications for understanding our own histories, whether Odin, Baphomet, Bran, John the Baptist or Orpheus. The Misa Espiritual suggests one way in which we can reforge that vital connection and resurrect both our dead and ourselves.

In Palo Mayombe the golden vein of fire still transmits the ancestral wisdom and transforms the Paleros into true spiritual warriors who are the walking dead.

Palo Mayombe is being printed in a strict edition of 639 copies, with a further 63 fine bound. The hardcover edition is being sold at £39, plus shipping and is available for purchase directly from Scarlet Imprint.

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