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Giftmas shopping

By Psyche | December 21, 2010 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | Leave a Comment

Shaved Head, Aleister Crowley, OTO Greeting CardsLast year we looked at Mythos themed gifts in “Love that Lovecraft“, this year we’ll see what we can find for that special occultist in your life.

Sure, there’s the usual candles, incense, special rocks and precious metal plates, but what about the unusual?


The first place to start is, of course, acquiring your own set of OTO Greeting Cards.

This set of six blank cards are suitable for any occasion, and are available from the New Zealand OTO for NZ$20. Cards spotted on


AC action figure

Hierax brought this to my attention: a portly, bow-tied Aleister Crowley action figure. So cute.

Not sure where you can pick one up though. They don’t seem to be for sale anywhere. Perhaps eBay?

Baby Cthulhu

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Aleister Crowley, chaos, itako…and college Quidditch?

By Psyche | August 29, 2009 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | Comments Off

Saturday Signal on Plutonica.netSaturday Signal: sifting the signal from the noise of the Internet’s occultural cacophony.

It’s been a crazy week with lots of great stuff to post, but I fear that there may be distinct lull in September.

No one (yet) has volunteered to take over the blog Update: One person has e-mailed me interested in taking over while I’m stranded in England on vacation in September, but there’s certainly still room for more. Position is still wide open, and I’d love for this to be an opportunity to widen the range of this blog to more than just my voice.

Hey! Signal!

  • Martin Fackler writes about Japan’s dying mediums for It seems itako and other shamanistic mediums were common across Japan in medieval times, but were were suppressed in the late 19th century as Japan built a modern nation. Now, when they die, there’s none to replace them.
  • Digging this up from aeons (not yet) gone by, read this piece about chaos magick, by Ray Sherwin, one of its founders. In it, Sherwin discusses some of the history of the chaos current, the IOT, chaote philosophy and its (non)beliefs.


  • Max Kaplan writes about “real-life Quidditch” for Apparently, hoards of almost-adult students love nothing better than running around throwing balls at one another while straddling brooms – to the point where an “Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup” has been created with official rules, and, oh gods, even a trailer. Ok, admittedly the geek dressed in yellow who runs around campus pretending to be a tiny golden ball is kinda funny. But seriously people, WTF?

Hey, remember back in June when I promised to let you know when I’d finished reading Francis Breakspear’s If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It!? Well, the review is up on now.

As always, if you find something weird, cool or otherwise noteworthy, please e-mail me about it. If you’re pro-promotion, include your name and website for extra credit. Thanks!

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