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PolyOccult University offers free occult course

By Psyche | January 26, 2008 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | 2 Comments

The PolyOccult University is a new (and free!) online occult school spearheaded by Veleda of Temple of All Gods and assorted associates.

“The Esoteric in Pop Culture” is the first course the POU will be offering:

…[T]hat which is hidden is found equally within all things, there is nothing that is outside the realm of the esoteric – even popular manifestations of everyday culture. From Buffy to the Beatles, the Foolish People to comic books and beyond, the depths constantly interweave with the surfaces.

From the PolyOccult University’s course listing

It’s a four week course, each week representing an element and pop cultural medium as follows:

  • Week 1: Water – Music
  • Week 2: Earth – Print
  • Week 3: Air – TV/Film
  • Week 4: Fire – Live performances

The course will begin soon. If interested, see the PolyOccult University’s website for sign up details.

Psyche is the editor of and the curator for the occult resource, Psyche also operates a tarot consultation business, Psyche Tarot. She has been published in The Cauldron, Konton, Tarot World Magazine, among other magazines, and her essay “Strategic Magick” appeared in Manifesting Prosperity (Megalithica, 2008).

Psyche's website is

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  1. michelle white says:

    i am interested in occult and voodoo and ouija board and spirtual enlightenment courses would you email me back i am looking for free courses

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    • Psyche says:

      Hi Michelle,

      The only one I know of is this, as an online friend of mine is running the project. I recommend a Google search.

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