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Robert Anton Wilson auction

By Psyche | June 26, 2009 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | Comments Off

Robert Anton Wilson Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) was an entertaining novelist, playwright, philosopher and magician.

His daughter, Christina, is selling some of his personal effects on eBay, including several tarot decks, mugs, lighters, clothing, and other items.

Each item has a little personal story associated with it.

Christina’s reasons are given on the new Robert Anton Wilson site as:

I do want to announce that you now have an opportunity to have an authentic RAW Artifact, from his life, his home, his library, his love: up close and personal items as I work to raise funds to help his disabled son, and pay off his final debts. Yup, he left some. Didn’t mean to, and apologized to me before skipping the event horizon. Wish I didn’t have to, but it’s my job to wrap up this debt, and move on so that we can actually do what he wanted. Which is to keep the lasagna flying – his work available to all who were interested, and provide some support for his son. He was never very attached to physical things, but he did get great joy from many items that came to be in his home. I want to make them available in the hopes that they will also bring you joy, and will close the door on Bob’s debts. So here’s your chance to have a real RAW Souvenir, to inspire your own Muse and bring RAW energy into your own space!

The auction appears genuine, so if you’re interested, click on over to eBay, grab something of RAW’s, and help support his remaining family.

Psyche is the editor of and the curator for the occult resource, Psyche also operates a tarot consultation business, Psyche Tarot. She has been published in The Cauldron, Konton, Tarot World Magazine, among other magazines, and her essay “Strategic Magick” appeared in Manifesting Prosperity (Megalithica, 2008).

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