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Sleep paralysis, the (non-)existence of god, and Technoccult dossiers

By Psyche | May 22, 2010

Saturday Signal on Plutonica.netSaturday Signal: sifting the signal from the noise of the Internet’s occultural cacophony.

I’m writing this a few days before I leave for Paris, so I’m going to assume that I’m happily sitting in a cafe somewhere sipping  cafe sans lait, eating a croissant and conversing with the locals in perfect Ontarian franglais.

C’est magnifique, I’m sure.

Next vacation spot: Titan? Right now its surface has the texture of creme brulee,1 but give it time.

I’ve prepared this Signal especially for your clicking pleasure. Just you. Enjoy.

  • Ryan Hurd offers an excerpt from his eBook on Reality Sandwich with “Sleep Paralysis Visions: Demons, Succubi, and the Archetypal Mind“. I suffer from this more often than I like, and it’s always frightening as hell when it occurs. Hurd discusses a variety of commonly experienced apparitions and the theories surrounding them.

As always, if you come across anything nifty, please share it in the comments, or if you use delicious tag it “ahrfoundation” and we’ll take a look. Thanks!2

Be a Happy Panda.


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  2. Yes, I realize I’m the only person tagging things “ahrfoundation”. Am I the only person who uses delicious, or do you guys just wait for me to find all the cool stuff? Oh well, I enjoy it anyway. [back]

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  1. Klintron says:

    I’ve added Philip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, and Alex Grey. There’s a list of all of ‘em here:

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  2. Klintron says:

    And thanks for the links!

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  3. Tuna Ghost says:

    I suffer from Sleep Paralysis very often, owing no doubt to my terrible sleep schedule. I’ve never experienced hallucinations or any other sensory phenomena aside from feeling as if I’m suffocating (likely because my body is still breathing shallowly as it would normally when I am asleep). It is a deeply unpleasant experience.

    Fortunately, after a lifetime of dealing with it, I eventually came up with a solution: although I cannot move my limbs, I can influence my breathing slightly with great effort. If I start breathing more and more deeply, I find that my heart rate increases and I eventually wake up. It is a very strange experience to wake up “from the inside”, as it were, to feel one’s brain come alive inside one’s own head. All in all, I think I’d prefer the hallucinations!

    Thanks for the links on this subject.

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    • Psyche says:

      When I get sleep paralysis I usually do experience a sensation that unknown entities are present, and knowing that they’re probably not really there does little to alleviate that initial sense of panic. With great effort I’m usually able to twitch a finger, and this breaks the sensation.

      Thankfully it’s been a few years since my last one. I used to get one or two a year.

      It’s a weird thing.

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  4. [...] (via ahrfoundation) [...]

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  5. [...] the last Saturday Signal, I noted that Titan might make a nice vacation spot someday. It turns out visitors may find [...]

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