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Meet the Baptists

By Cole Tucker | September 17, 2009 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | 1 Comment

Following the crisis, I had to rein in the slack other parts of my life had taken.  I stepped away from the occult bookshelf and focused on integrating what I could back into a life I wanted to live.  At some point I found a website called The Baptist’s Head.

Two chaos magicians from Great Britain run the site.  Alan and Duncan are both members of a prestigious order, have loads of experience and very complementary backgrounds.  The site contains their magical records beginning slightly before contacting their Holy Guardian Angels, to Crossing the Abyss, attaining the grade of Magus and experiencing final Enlightenment.  They also provide a grimoire of their own workings, a series of essays covering a variety of topics, and a forum for those seeking to engage in magic as a wisdom tradition.

Following their claiming the experience of final enlightenment, Duncan and Alan created a second site, Open Enlightenment.  Where The Baptist’s Head addresses magic as a path to Enlightenment, Open Enlightenment seeks to provide a non-sectarian forum for critically discussing the experience of enlightenment and its implications.

To magicians, I emphatically support going to The Baptist’s Head and establishing for yourself whether Alan and Duncan have the experience and understanding to make further investigation worth your time.  Alan and Duncan were kind enough to answer a few questions, which I will post tomorrow.  For the interim, I’ve collected a small list of some of my favourite, more representative articles from the sites.

The Baptist’s Head

Open Enlightenment

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