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By Psyche | December 2, 2010 | Print This Post | E-mail This Post | Leave a Comment MobileTwo weeks ago and its readers received a late birthday gift, today it receives an early Giftmas present.

I recently received a Blackberry Torch (I love it!), and trying to view this site on it was a bit of a pain. Can’t do with that.

So, I tested a bunch of mobile plugins to see which worked the best, and WordPress Mobile Pack won, hands down.

I chose the simple grey theme as it seemed the most straightforward (pictured left). I may play around with others, but I like the stripped down look of this one.

It lists the most recent posts, comments, and pages, but nothing else at the moment.

If you’re so inclined, take a look and let me know what you think.

In other news: I’m working on a couple of reviews for our sister site,, and a massive links list for this week’s Saturday Signal. Lots of round ups planned, and a gifts guide for the occultniks on your list.

Good stuff.

Psyche is the editor of and the curator for the occult resource, Psyche also operates a tarot consultation business, Psyche Tarot. She has been published in The Cauldron, Konton, Tarot World Magazine, among other magazines, and her essay “Strategic Magick” appeared in Manifesting Prosperity (Megalithica, 2008).

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